Academic Services

Online tutoring, feedback, and editing services

University Students

I help Undergraduate, and Higher Degree candidates (Masters and Doctoral) improve their writing and critical thinking skills in the Humanities. Get the kind of coaching and feedback you want from your professors but can't get because they're just too busy to give you the one-to-one attention you need.

  • Write better essays

  • Critically evaluate & discuss research & other reading material

  • Speak & present with confidence in seminars and tutorials



For academics seeking:

  1. Research assistance in the humanities,

  2. Editorial and proofreading services in any field, and

  3. Motivational coaching to achieve publication goals.

Services are available in English (British & U.S. spelling) worldwide.

  • If you need a researcher who can quickly read and summarise scholarly texts, freeing up valuable time for writing and thinking,

  • If you need a motivational coachwhether you're an early career academic or an established professorwho can help you organise your research and writing goals and give you meaningful feedback on your work, 

  • If you want a coach who will help you write and publish more while freeing up time so that you can enjoy your career and working life,

Contact me to discuss a one-to-one coaching planconfidentiality assured.

High School Students

I offer non-curriculum focused learning designed to help you develop your critical thinking skills and set you up for university—ideal for students in their final year of high school nationwide.

I've taught first-year humanities students, and I know that many are unprepared for the demands of writing essays at university level.

  • Tutorials in the humanities are discursive in nature, and to get the most out of your learning, you need to express your ideas with confidence and interact with your peers and the teaching staff.

  • Tutorials require preparation. Students are expected to read, evaluate, and be able to discuss the material each week.

  • The same skills are necessary for assessment tasks like essays.

  • Get a head start on your university experience and arrive with the skills you need to achieve better results from day one.


With a focus on the humanities and expertise in literary studies and creative writing, I can help you craft better essays and communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively. The first consultation is free.

Book a free Zoom appointment to see what I can do to help you improve your academic outcomes.

Students in Cafeteria

As a former senior lecturer in literary studies, I know what's involved in learning at university. Whether you need help to prepare for your planned study at uni, or to develop your critical thinking and communications skills so that you can enjoy your university learning experience, I can help you fall in love with learning and achieve improvements in your academic outcomes.