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A different approach to teaching novel writing

Free Courses designed by a literary critic and theorist

Get free access to novel writing courses by a literary theorist. Learn what holds a story together. Discover how to keep readers engaged. Become proficient at managing details and connecting key aspects of your story. Involve your reader. Write coherent and exciting narratives that keep your readers interested.

Hi, I'm Victoria. I've designed these courses for you because I want to see a revolution in novel writing. I want to see more unputdownable books, more literature that connects people through empathy and the sharing of perspectives. You can read more about me on the Home and About pages. To summarise, I'm a theorist and a critic. I have a PhD in literary studies (novel theory) and an MA in creative writing. The latter gives me insights into the hard task of writing long works of fiction like novellas and novels, the former helps me understand how the act of writing relates to the experience of reading. Universities often teach literature and creative writing in the same school or program. But these two disciplines offer very different perspectives. And they don't always agree. Outside the university sector, creative writing courses are often taught by writers and specialists from the publishing sector. What I offer is very different.

In these free courses below, I unite what I know about literary theory and the practice of writing. In addition, I bring my knowledge of the cognitive science of reading enjoyment to help you write in ways that will engage your readers.

I hope you enjoy these courses. I love interacting with participants when I can, so feel free to send me a message or ask a question, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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