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Whether early in your career or well-established, the services of an academic editor can help you save time and get on with your research and teaching. If you're preparing an article for publication, a subject guide or other teaching material, KANDOU editing & educational services can help. Reach out for a free consultation online to see what KANDOU can do to ease your workload and free up time to do the things that you really enjoy doing as an academic. Set up an agreed rate or package for services across the academic calendar or for specific projects. A free consultation is available to nut out the details of what you need based on your budget.

Welcoming referrals of PhD and Masters candidates needing extra support via feedback, editing, or online meetings designed to help candidates stay on track.


Word counts can be tight. If you've done a mountain of research and need to cut 3000 words down to 2000, for example, a structural edit can help weed out repetition and streamline your argument.

Want to be certain that you've met the assessment criteria? Feedback on whether you've fulfilled the marker's rubric can be supplied with or without editing services.

Unsure what topic to choose or where to begin? A Zoom chat will make you feel confident and ready to start researching and writing. Get coaching at an hourly rate (via Zoom consultation or by email), set a cap on how much you pay over a semester of coaching, or get a quote for specific projects.

Creative Writers

Get coaching and feedback as you write, or have an expert in narrative theory and structure review your work. Plotting, structure, characterisation, setting and writing for reader engagement can be a tough ask when it's your first novel. Even experienced writers have editors to help shape their work before it's ready to pitch and publish.

Whether you're going for mainstream publication, hybrid publishing, or self-publishing, it's worth having expert eyes on that manuscript before you hit send. Packages are available to help you get part or all of your manuscript written and in good shape.

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Reach out for pricing or simply book a consultation via the booking page in the dropdown menu.

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