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Novel Writing Coach

Feedback and encouragement to keep you writing

Where to begin? And how to keep going...

You've thought a lot about writing a novel. Maybe you've made a start or have a draft just waiting to be polished. You might even be a published author who's hit a roadblock. Whatever stage you're at, I know it's not easy staying motivated when the road is long, when you've had negative feedback and you can't figure out how to level up, or just what to do next.

What you need is a writing coach. Someone to guide you through the process to completion.

Hi, I'm Victoria — a literary critic and theorist, experienced in supervising large writing projects like Masters and PhDs and mentoring creative writers. As a literary critic and theorist, I'm an expert reader. I've spent years exploring what it is that truly gets readers involved in a story, and I want to share my insights with you and help you develop your writing in ways that get to the heart of what excites a reader's imagination.

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In a forest of dreams, a book is a house made of wood

Have you thought about your readers lately?

Readers want to be involved in the stories they read.

They want to feel like they're there, in the thick of the action. They want to be moved by the beauty of the moment. 

Feedback from an expert reader like myself will help you give your readers what they really want.

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Novel Writing Coach

Get regular feedback from me as you write your novel

Select a plan to suit your needs

3 month plans are available using the Wet Ink platform. Wet Ink is designed with writers in mind. You can upload your work, copy and paste it, or write directly onto the platform. Once you submit your work, I'll read it and give you feedback. You can also message me using the Wet Ink platform & get ongoing encouragement as you work towards your writing goals.
Perfect if you want weekly, fortnightly, or monthly feedback on your writing.

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Novel writing is a lonely business, and Victoria has become my friend over the years, as well as a critic whose feedback I value. She was able to approach my manuscript from an agent’s and editor’s point of view, and also as someone who reads just for pleasure. Her advice was practical and constructive. She works quickly, getting through my 115,000-word novel in about a week. Moreover, she encouraged me to keep going when I felt like giving up, and I will certainly turn to her when I finish my next project.

Robin, London

I consider Victoria my writing angel. She is a phenomenal mentor who through her expertise has improved my writing incredibly. Her criticisms are always constructive and insightful. She has a beautiful personality and is great to work with. She has inspired me to write my first novel and with her help, I have found the process less intimidating. Victoria will ensure that your work leaves a lasting impression on the reader with emphasis on character development, structure, dialogue and everything else that will make your writing unique. She is one of a kind when it comes to her brilliant editing skills. I would not have made it this far without her. Thank you, Victoria for being such an amazing writing coach. My writing continues to improve because of your continued guidance.

Ali, Stockbridge, Georgia

Victoria is an inspirational editor and writing mentor. She has helped me to develop and improve three of my novels. Thanks to her input, one my novels has been long-listed for a major UK debut novel award and another is currently in front of an agent. She has also helped me to improve the marketing side of the writing business: the letters to agents, the applications for writing programmes, the dreaded synopsis! Her feedback is always constructive. She has a good eye for the narrative shape, for dialogue and character, plus she is an eagle-eyed proof reader for line work. Most important of all, she really cares about you and your work. That is a rare commodity today. Thank you Victoria!

Nat, Sydney

Victoria’s expert advice and critiques have been invaluable for my writing. She has a way of hitting the nail on the head and seeing things in your work that help elevate it to that next level. Writing a novel can be such an isolating process, and it’s often hard to find people who can give you the kind of substantiated feedback you need. It’s been wonderful having Victoria provide both positive reinforcement (she will always take the time to tell you what’s working) as well as detailed constructive criticism and clear direction on how to improve. Her editing isn’t just about the words, or even the structure ... it’s about the whole reader experience and how your writing might make others feel.

Luke, Brisbane

Victoria is passionate about creative writing.... She is acutely aware that individual writing styles differ and when editing creative pieces, Victoria makes sure to keep the writer's viewpoint intact.   
As a PhD scholar I have found her editing work and timely feedbacks really useful.

Manpreet, Fiji

I have nothing but gratitude for Victoria and for all her help with my writing. She takes the time to fully understand my work, asking questions and checking understanding. Then she gets out her scissors, needles, and threads. Victoria will snip, shape, and offer suggestions for clarity, and enhancement of readability. Prepare for honesty, but it comes with heaps of expert advice and helpful strategies to improve your work. The  flow of my stories and presence of my characters has vastly improved with Victoria’s guidance. She gives praise and encouragement too, acknowledging what works well. I have won my first prize in a writing competition thanks to Victoria’s mentoring. What I have also gained is increased confidence in my writing ability. That trumps everything for me. I love working with Victoria and her friendly approach puts me at ease; she is my word tailor.

Teresa, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, U.K.

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Professional Expertise

Qualifications, Knowledge, Teaching Experience, and Publications in Literary Studies

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in literary studies, University of Melbourne, 2011. Literary genre theory & theory of the novel. 

  • Master of Arts in creative writing at the University of Tasmania 2018-2021.


  • Senior Lecturer in Literary Studies, The University of Fiji 2014-16.

  • Literature and Language Expert, ABC RADIO 2018 - 2019. 

  • Graduate, UK Faber Academy Online Work in Progress, 2019.

Professional Sites


  • 'Contemplating Affects.' in The Rise of the Australian Neurohumanities, ed. J'F Vernay, Routledge, 2021.

  • 'Gothic Moods and Colonial Night Guests.' in Claiming Space: Australian Women's Writing, eds. D. Das and S. Dasgupta, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. 

  • 'Wandering in lntersectional Time.' in TEXT Special Issue 34. 2016, eds. Simon Dwyer, Rachel Franks, Monica Galassi and KirstenThorpe.

  • 'Emotion, Motive, Narrative.' in JASAL, 2013. 

  • 'Who Cares Who's Speaking?' in JASAL, 2010

  • 'The Metaphor of Genre and Text.' in Generic Instability and Identity in the Contemporary Novel. eds. M. Gonzalez and M-0. Pitten-Hedon, Cambridge Scholars, 2010.

  • "Words with Attitude" (forthcoming)

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