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Feedback as You Write

You could be getting regular feedback on your writing and head off problems before they become the kind that discourage you from finishing your essay and completing your course, or writing that novel and fulfilling your dream to be a writer. There's a plan just right for you (see below), or book a free consultation followed by a single appointment. It's up to you!

Plans & Pricing: Text
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans

Choose your pricing plan

  • University Coaching

    Every week
    Valid for 16 weeks
    • Regular Zoom consultations (total 7 hours)
    • Feedback on your work (develop, revise, edit on 4000 words)
    • Free trial available: One Zoom session
  • One Hour Weekly

    Every week
    Valid for 25 weeks
    • 25 Weekly Junior Writer Zoom consultations
    • Review of your child's writing as needed
    • Classes are designed to be fun and engaging
  • Three Sessions Per Week

    Every week
    Valid for 25 weeks
    • 3 Zoom sessions
  • Two Hours (Consecutive)

    Every week
    Valid for 25 weeks
    • 10 session Holiday Extras! Pack

      Valid for one month
      • Holiday Extras!
    • 6 session Holiday Extras! Pack

      Valid for one month
      • Holiday Extras!
    • 8 session Holiday Extras! Pack

      Valid for one month
      • Holiday Extras!
    • 4 session Holiday Extras! Pack

      Valid for one month
      • Holiday Extras!

    Editing and Feedback Packages

    If you have a finished project and would like feedback and editing to take it to the next level...

    The prices below are a guide only. Please email me with details of your project (word length, genre, aims) and I'll get back to you with a quote and projected timelines.


    Structural Edit on 80,000 words

    My structural edit will position the key elements of your story or research to make your writing more engaging for your readers. I'll indicate the areas you need to develop or cut to tap into the rhythms and pace of change that will appeal to your readers.


    Edit and redraft 80,000

    Structural and copy edit, plus redrafting any sections that need development or cutting to make your story shine. Suitable for memoirs and creative texts only. Not suitable for assessable work (dissertations and theses).


    Clarity on 80,000 words

    With a focus on grammar, clarity of expression, critical thinking (academic) and story coherence (creative writing).

    Plans & Pricing: Price List
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