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How many times have you said to yourself, What I really need is feedback on my writing. And not just from a peer or beta reader (though they're great sources of feedback). I want feedback from someone who can help me take my writing to the next level.

I've seen a lot creative writing coursework over the years. Many of these programs are great for kickstarting the writing process and fine-tuning a few thousand words here or there. But novels are tens of thousands of words. And their size means that you need to be able to see the bigger picture to keep your readers engaged. 

For help along the way, at the beginning or middle stages of a writing project, check out my plans and pricing packages for ongoing feedback. That's right, get feedback as you write. You can stop or pause at anytime along the way. Packages are offered as three-month plans paid by monthly instalments. 

A Young Woman Writing

Feedback and Coaching

Personalised Attention

It's simple. You send me material to read and provide feedback on and I set you up with a Wet Ink account where we can interact and discuss your writing. Wet Ink is a platform specifically designed for writers and the teaching of writing.

Alternatively, if you have a full draft and would like a one-off assessment, check out the pricing guide at the bottom of this page.

Feedback & Coaching: Lessons

Editing and Feedback Packages

If you have a finished project and would like feedback and editing to take it to the next level...


Structural Edit on 80,000 words

Engaging readers in a story (whether a fictional narrative or researched material) involves following the pattern of life laid down by the sun's path. But it's not as simple as having a beginning (sunrise), middle (noon), and end (sunset). My structural edit will position the key elements of your story or research so that every reader will find your writing deeply satisfying in psychological terms. I'll indicate the areas you need to develop or cut to tap into the rhythms and pace of change that will appeal to your readers.


Edit and redraft 80,000

Structural and copy edit, plus redrafting any sections that need development of cutting to make your story shine. Suitable for memoirs and creative texts only. Not suitable for assessable work (dissertations and theses).


Clarity on 80,000 words

With a focus on grammar, clarity of expression, critical thinking (academic) and story coherence (creative writing).

Feedback & Coaching: Price List
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